Materials and Services for Laser Cutting in Seattle WA

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Business

Thick metals that need to be cut are done so with the process of Laser Cutting Seattle WA. Steel that is one inch thick, for example, stainless steel up to three-quarters of an inch thick, and aluminum of one-half an inch are not easily cut by other methods. Whether it is in flat sheets, structural components, or piping materials, the metal of that thickness requires a precise high-powered laser that is directed by a computer. That method melts, burns, or vaporizes excess material away, and leaves behind a surface finish of high quality. Laser cutting machines are quite large, require a lot of power, and generate a lot of heat and sparks and metal fragments.

Most businesses that use thick metals have pieces cut where they purchase the raw materials. Distributors, such as Specialty Metals, for example, have the capacity to provide Laser Cutting Seattle WA. A fencing contractor will order steel fence posts at a certain length. The distributor will cut them, and have them available for pick up, most often the same day. Ornamental covers, decorative caps and finishing components will be added to the posts to complete the look for the fence. Engravers or monument makers, for example, will have the large piece of metal cut with a laser cutter to get the right sizing. Any etchings, carvings, engraving, or filigree that is to adorn the piece will be added once the metal is procured from the distributor. Getting thick metal cut at the source saves many types of businesses time and money. They do not have to incur the cost of purchasing, housing, and operating a laser cutter, but can still have metals cut down to size.

Other services provided by some experienced distributors include water jet cutting, plasma cutting, shearing, forming, and computer-aided design (CAD) resources for assistance. Custom signage, for example, can be created with CAD software, which is then used to operate the computer that directs the cutting machine. Individual pieces, small production work, and small or large quantity orders are all handled by some distributors. Customers can Browse the website for lists of available metals, and complete details on capabilities.

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