Finding the Right Drug Rehab Center

When a friend or family member is facing an addiction, finding the right Utah drug rehab center can be one of the most important first steps to take. Many Americans are struggling with a prescription drug dependency, while others are addicted to heroin, cocaine or other dangerous substances. Whatever the addiction, there is drug rehab treatment at Alpine Recovery Lodge available to you which can help turn your life around.

Residential and Inpatient Programs

Inpatient programs focus on early detoxification and avoiding or coping with triggers which may cause a relapse once the patient leaves the treatment center. These programs can provide a variety of life lessons for you to use when you return home after your substance abuse program. For residents living at the center, everything is provided for you. You are able to speak with a therapist at least once a day, have all meals provided for you, and are able to interact with others individually and in a group setting who are going through the same struggles. Therapeutic programs such as those revolving around artistic expression, nature, meditation and spiritual connection are available and can become an important part of your alternative therapy program.

The LDS Option for Spiritual Healing

Since Alpine Recovery Lodge is located in Utah, patients are able to receive LDS rehabilitation if they desire. The therapists understand the need for attention to the mind, the body and the spirit through both traditional and non-traditional methods. The LDS rehab option combines standard therapeutic programs with strong Gospel principles to reinforce a solid foundation of recovery. In many ways, this can provide patients a fresh start to a new life, leaving their addictions behind them and walking onto greener pastures. The individualized LDS programs can help enlighten the soul while recovering from a substance addiction with more traditional methods.

Success Rates and Relapses

While many statistics have shown relapse percentages to be high for both drug and alcohol dependent patients at centers across the United States, Alpine Recovery Lodge has had a very high success rate. With their combination of individually tailored traditional and alternative therapies, as well as the experience they have treating dual-diagnosis patients, residents are given a variety of tools they can use to help them remain addiction free once they leave the program. This has shown to go a long way in assuring patient success if used properly.

If you or a loved one is in search of a Utah drug rehab center, the Alpine Recovery Lodge has the experience and knowledge needed to help you through this difficult time.

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