Fighting Elder Abuse and Neglect with an Elder Law Attorney in Paradise, CA

As people advance in age, there are changes that happen with the mind and body; most of which are subtle, meaning the mind may not be as sharp as it used to, and the body a little less agile. Productive and self-sufficient lives are still led in the senior years of life. Unfortunately, the elderly are among the most vulnerable group of people whom others sometimes take advantage of. There’s an area of law that protects the rights of those mature in age that is called: elder law. Elder law is a tort of the law that prevents abuse from happening and prosecutes people who’ve harmed someone of advanced age. Adult protective services are organized by local jurisdictions and state that serves older adults and those with disabilities. Services are rendered when assistance is needed to protect them against abuse, neglect or exploiting their finances.

Civil litigation for elder abuse can be pursued when a person or organization has done something that meets the criterion. Elder abuse most often happens in assisted living facilities and by relatives caring for an older adult. A relative with access to the funds of an aging person who has lost the ability to care for oneself may be exploiting their finances, but other family members who are witnesses of that can hire an elder law attorney in Paradise, CA. An investigation can reveal how the finances are being utilized, and if it’s discovered that a disabled older person’s funds are being used for the personal gain of another, legal action can be taken.

Abuse in nursing homes can happen for a long time before it’s discovered. It may be witnessed by another honest staff member who genuinely cares about the well-being of seniors, or by a visiting family member who may see signs of abuse. Whoever observes it can report it so protective services can intervene. An elder law attorney in Paradise, CA helps victims of abuse and neglect prove guilt, be removed from the harmful environment they’re in, and seek compensation for emotional and physical damages. If the management of a whole organization is liable for the transgressions of elder abuse, they may have an entire assemblage of people to defend them. Nevertheless, attorneys put their skills to work and thwart the efforts of opposing parties. Click here to be led down the right path to justice.

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