Using Personal Injury Attorneys in Vail to Prove a Business Was Not Negligent

When someone pretends to fall inside a place of business in an attempt to collect money from the business’ insurance company, the business may want to look into hiring one of the personal injury attorneys in Vail to prove their innocence. Not fighting this type of claim could lead to increased insurance premiums in addition to a bad reputation overall.

First the business can take a bunch of photographs of the area where the supposed fall had occurred. These can be looked at in depth to determine if there was truly a flaw in the area or if something had been done to alter the flooring. If there were any witnesses that had seen the incident, they should be asked if they would write up a statement specifying what they had seen. This may be useful if the case goes to a court trial. Look at surveillance tapes for clues about the incident and use the footage to identify any witnesses who had been in the area.

The business can hire a private investigator to follow the person who had claimed to fall. They may see them doing something they would not be able to do if they were indeed injured. If this is the case, the person’s doctor would need to come to the court to give a statement about the severity of the injuries the person had sustained. This may show they had amplified how hurt they really were, possibly showing they didn’t really get hurt at all.

If the area where the person had fallen was recently maintained by a cleaning service or contractor, have them write a statement about the work they had done in this area. This may prove the flooring was in pristine condition and that the person had fallen on their own accord and not because of something the business had done.

When someone is interested in hiring one of the personal injury attorneys in Vail, they can call a reputable service in the area. Contact us for more information and to make an appointment for an initial consultation if interested in finding out more about the procedures to be followed.

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