Farm Scales for a Wide Range of Applications

The most dependable and highest quality technology for weighing scales is required by the farmers of today for their yield management needs. There is a variety of farm scales available that can meet the weighing needs of farmers at harvest time. They can work with many other types of equipment and machinery as well as computers and devices for harvest management, such as printers, computers, smartphones and other handheld devices.

Scales for Farm Trucks
Farm truck scales are designed so they can be easily installed. These farm scales are a version of electronic truck scales with safety steel decks for above ground with low profile weighing. These scales are used for a variety of vehicles and farming equipment.

Farm truck scales are available in widths of 10, 11, 12 and 14 feet. They have a modular design so cranes are not needed which can lower freight costs and facilitates installation. For safety and protection, a yellow stripe is painted on each side of the scale so drivers can easily access the scale. Stainless steel encases the load cell cabling to protect them from the elements.

Portable Farm Scales
These scales are also known as portable weigh pads and are designed to be mobile and used in various locations where needed. They are also highly versatile so they can be used in any application where weighing demands are for a great deal of accuracies.

They are available in a variety of scale configurations and sizes, ranging in length from seven to eleven feet, so as to provide an alternative to farmers so they can weigh their products in the field and for those who do not need a full-size truck. As they are constructed of heavy duty steel, they need little to no maintenance.

Onboard Farm Scales
These types of scales are used on the vehicle or piece of equipment so that weight measurements can be done directly on the scale. They can streamline operations for farmers and offer improved efficiency and convenience by providing an interface for yield management and other needs for fine tuning. They are easy to install and dependable and have a digital display unit so they can be used in any cab space.

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