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by | Mar 29, 2016 | Livestock

Planter scales might just be that feature that is definitely worth the investment. Scales on a planter help zero in on the amount of seed left, which makes than a valuable add-on piece. Knowing how much seed is left, and when you need to fill up is a much appreciated feature.

Planter Scales and Today’s Agricultural Economy
In today’s agricultural economy, the bottom line is extremely important and when you are planting, having a scale on your planter or seed tender is probably one of the most essential pieces of equipment, without exception. When you take away the speculation and get right down to it, you can be right on the money and know how much seed you are using.

Keeping Track of Inventory
It’s a guessing game that you don’t need to play. Without a planter scale, you are playing that game. It’s a lot more efficient when you know exactly how much seed you are using.

When you are delivering the perfect amount of seed and you don’t have to stop and check the levels, you are saving precious time.

Seed Monitoring
It’s probably one of the scariest things to go out and plant a field and invest thousands of dollars’ worth of seed and wait until it is time to harvest. Farmers need to monitor better, adjust for lost yield and have an overall better planting accuracy. That’s why, as a farmer, you need to ask yourself, Do I know the seed inventory in mu planter? And am I getting an even distribution? Do I have enough seed to plant a field or farm?

Knowledge of seed inventory is important in many ways. It ensures that you are getting an even seed distribution and it ensures enough seed for planting and reduces the clean out time when you have to change varieties.

Equipment with Value
It is important to make sure you are planting the suggested population on your fields. Precision is important. Another added benefit of having a planter scales on your seeding equipment is that you can inventory exactly how much seed is remaining in your hopper. This piece of equipment will pay for itself.

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