What Is Family Dentistry in Indianapolis?

What Is Family Dentistry in Indianapolis?

Dentistry is often broken down into different categories based on the type of work that is done. For example, general dentistry is the range of services you’ll likely receive on a routine visit to a dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is the range of services you’ll receive when you want to make your teeth look different. There is also dental surgery and much more. Among those types of dentistry is a designation that is not about the kind of work being done so much as the patients being helped. Family dentistry is dentistry that is designed to serve the entire family. The focus is going to be on children since they are sometimes the most difficult to accommodate during a dental appointment.

Focus on Children

The focus of Family Dentistry Chestnut Hill will be on making children feel comfortable. There are many different ways to do that. One of the most important ways is actually to begin going to the dentist as early as possible. When you take a child to the dentist before they are able to develop preconceived notions about what happens at a dental appointment, you can often preempt any of those fears. Furthermore, if you take a child to a dentist early in life, they can develop a rapport with that dentist and dental office.

That’s why you need a dentist who takes care of young children as well as older children. Your child will be able to develop trust. You should contact Dr. Thomas McVay, DDS about your child’s dental needs.

Child’s Dental Needs

You might be wondering when you should take your child for the first family dentistry appointment. When the first teeth start to come in, there is no medical need to take the child to the dentist, but you can do so to help them start to familiarize themselves with the process. You’ll need to definitely do it as more teeth grow in.

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