How Many Times Can You Get a Brake Resurfacing in Woodland Hills, CA?

A brake resurfacing is a little bit of a misnomer. The brakes are not actually given a new surface in the sense of material being placed over the brakes. Instead, they are given a new surface because the rough parts are removed until the brakes are smooth again. It’s the same process as sanding rough wood until it is smooth. Brakes become rough because the friction heat of your brakes can be so great that it warps the metal. Also, they can become rough if your brake pads wear down and gouge scratches into the metal. A resurfacing gives you a new beginning to your brakes. However, there are limits.

Limits to the Resurfacing

You are limited in your resurfacing options by the thickness of your brakes and the depth of the scratches. Some older brake rotors are very thick and can be resurfaced at least two times. Thinner brake rotors are more common in newer cars; they’re kept thin to drop weight but this means that they can’t be resurfaced as often. A brake resurfacing in Woodland Hills, CA requires stock removal of metal; therefore, you need to have metal to remove.

Most rotors can be resurfaced at least once unless you have damaged them by driving around with faulty brake pads for too long. Browse our site for some different options. You’ll find different services and products that might help.

Why Resurface?

You might choose a brake resurfacing or replacing the rotors if you are trying to save money. Shaving the old rotors until they’re smooth again is typically less expensive than buying brand-new rotors. However, you’ll need to replace them eventually. You’ll likely only get one or two resurfacings out of each pair of rotors. Furthermore, be sure to resurface rotors in pairs because they should wear evenly; do this even if only one of them is damaged.

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