Families Dissolve And Children Need Supported, Douglasville GA Child Support Can Help You Through The Process

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Lawyers

The two words, child support, can bring an opinion out of almost anyone. I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories of one parent paid too much, another parent didn’t pay child support at all. You may have even heard the horror stories of one parent using the money for themselves, while not caring for the children. Without doubt, you probably even heard a story of one parent claiming to not let the other parent see the children until they pay child support. The fact is children are entitled to being supported by both parents. It does not matter if the parent that the children are living with makes more money than the parent they don’t normally live with, which is called the non-custodial parent.

The courts have a standard formula for child support they follow and take into consideration the amount of time the child or children spend with each parent. If you find yourself in child support case, chances are your relationship is over. Even though your relationship is over with your partner, doesn’t mean your relationship is over with your children. Finding a lawyer who has the best interest of your family and especially your children at the forefront will serve everyone’s interests. Many times when a relationship is over, both parties are unsure of the future and communication can become volatile at times. Everyone’s world has been turned upside down and having a lawyer who will keep things in perspective and your children in perspective is what you need. Your children should not suffer just because your relationship is over.

A Douglasville GA Child Support lawyer can explain what the guidelines are based off of both parents income. They can also keep your case focused on your children and not on hurt or bad feelings between you and your partner. A professional lawyer that deals with child support will make sure that your children receive the financial support they are entitled to under law and make sure that you not overpaying money that you can use for your children when they are with you. If your relationship is over and you have children, get a reputable child support attorney to work with you and be part of your team. Visit Dsternlieblaw.com for more details.

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