What to Expect When Attending an Appointment for a Pet Vaccination in Lenexa, KS

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Healthcare

Pets quickly warm your heart and become part of your family. Your responsibility as a pet owner is to keep them in the best health possible by giving them the food and water they need, and making sure to visit a vet anytime they need a pet vaccination in Lenexa, KS. If you are thinking about becoming a pet owner or are new the world of having a furry companion, it is a good idea to gain an understanding of what is involved with vaccinations so you can best prepare yourself for any upcoming appointments. Before you talk to a vet, read the following tips so you aren’t caught by surprise during your visit.

Initial Exam and Consultation

One of the first things the veterinarian will do is conduct an exam to make sure your pet is healthy enough for the vaccination. They will also look for any other health related issues that may need your attention. Don’t let a veterinarian vaccinate your pet without taking the time to look for potential problems that could cause them to react poorly to vaccinations.

Administration of the Vaccination

Once they feel comfortable that your pet is healthy enough for the vaccination, they will then administer them. Make sure they are patient with your pet, and take time to make them feel at ease before an injection. You should also be told about any potential side effects and health issues related to the vaccine before they administer any medications.

Observation of Your Pet After Injection

After your pet has been given the vaccination, make sure you take them home and observe them for any negative side effects. You should keep an eye on your pet for at least 24 hours, and look for an obvious sign of a pet vaccination in Lenexa, KS reaction, such as a loss of appetite or unexpected lethargy. These are all indicators that your pet may need immediate medical attention.

If you are ready to take your pet’s health seriously, make sure you contact Falcon Valley Animal Hospital. No matter what type of pet you may have, they will give compassionate care that will help keep your pet calm. Call them to schedule your exam appointment, and take the first step in keeping your pet healthy for years into the future.

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