Facts Concerning Day Care in Pittsburgh PA

Businesses who provide childcare services in their homes are not always licensed, but some are contracted by privately owned child care agencies. These providers can keep infants, toddlers or preschoolers. They can also keep children before and after school.

However, finding the right day care in Pittsburgh, PA is much more than finding a nanny or babysitter. Check out the advantages of having reputable child care below.

Home-based child care

The benefits of licensed family child care include:

• The homes in which these services are offered are regulated by government and inspected, and must meet specific standards

• Brothers and sisters can be kept together

• Children are in small groups

• Child care agencies can provide professional development opportunities and support and supervision for child care staff

Licensed childcare centers

A day care in Pittsburgh, PA provides child care services for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children. These services include pre-kindergarten, full-time child care, extended child care, pre- and post-school programs. There may be child care centers in a variety of locations, including businesses, community centers, schools, or places of worship.

Here are some advantages of this option:

• These services are regulated and inspected by government officials

• Children are in the company of other children their age

• Staff include professionals trained in early childhood education

• Each daycare is required to meet many standards

• Children participate in activities adapted to the different stages of their development

Government officials are there to routinely inspect child care centers at least once a year to ensure they meet provincial health, safety, and development standards.

Pre-school and post-school child care services

When there is sufficient demand, schools offering full-time classes also offer pre- and post-school programs. These learning-based programs complement the school day with a combination of discovery activities, free and directed activities, and quiet and outdoor games. School boards can offer pre- and post-school programs either directly or through licensed third-party providers who offer these programs in the school itself.

Many of these programs are licensed, apart from some programs that are operated by school boards. Still can’t figure out which option suits you and your child best? If not, visit  for more details.

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