How A Company That Offers Crate Packing Services Assists With Shipping Large Items

Shipping companies have a wide array of requirements that must be met for an item to be shipped using their services, and one minor oversight can cause a package to be rejected. One of the best ways to combat this issue when shipping oversized and heavy items is to use a company that provides crate packing services in Dallas to ensure an item is properly packed and meets any business’s shipping requirements. Here is just a quick look at how they can make the process of packing large items as easy as possible.

Custom Crate Fabricationa

Many oversized items will not fit into a standard crate. A crate packing company can fabricate a custom wooden container that will be large enough to handle items of any size, including motorcycles, machinery equipment, and even antique furniture. A crate offers greater protection from damage than a standard cardboard box and can help make shipping items of any size or shape a straightforward process.

Interior Support

Once the crate is constructed, and the item is placed inside, it is then important to add blankets or bubble wrap to the product being shipped to provide additional protection and prevent the item from moving during transit. A company that provides packing services in Dallas will have the material on hand to ensure an item is packed securely and have the expertise to ensure any item will experience as little movement as possible.

Movable Pallet Construction

A crate should be built with a pallet bottom so the item can be easily moved using a pallet truck or forklift. This makes it simple to get the crate to its intended destination and can prevent the backbreaking work of having to move the item after it is unpacked. Using a crate that doesn’t have a pallet bottom can cause significant delays and cause the shipper to be charged excess fees by the shipping company.

When it comes to packing large items, few methods are as convenient and affordable as custom crates. The team at Crate Master can build a custom wooden container that will make shipping anything as stress-free as possible. Contact them today to learn more and see how affordable packing large items should be.

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