Making Sure a House Guest Borrowing a Vehicle Is Covered by Auto Insurance in Kyle TX

When someone will be having a house guest for an extended period of time, many acts of courtesy can help make this person’s stay more pleasant. If the guest did not arrive with a vehicle, the hosts may like the idea of letting this person use one of their cars now and then.

It’s important to check the policy for Auto Insurance in Kyle TX and find out whether that driver would be covered in case of an accident. If not, this might be a good time to do a little shopping around and see whether better coverage is offered by another insurer at an affordable price.

Follow That Car

In most cases, Auto Insurance in Kyle TX follows the car, not the driver. That’s helpful in a situation like that of a house guest being allowed to use a car while visiting. However, the vehicle owner must keep in mind that he or she would be liable if the guest causes a collision.

Sufficient Liability Coverage

This shouldn’t be a problem if the owner’s insurance policy has sufficient liability coverage in relation to the policyholder’s assets. One reason for having car insurance is to prevent the risk of a lawsuit and the possibility of losing real estate, boats and recreational vehicles, and retirement accounts.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Even if the house guest is a very safe driver and never causes an accident, this person can become involved in a collision caused by someone else. Normally, that driver’s policy would pay for liability costs, but not every driver follows the law and carries automotive insurance. The other person then must seek assistance from his or her own insurance company in the uninsured motorist part of the policy.

Long-Term Use

If it turns out the guest will be staying for a long time and continuing to drive the vehicle, the owner may consult with an agency such as Perdue Insurance Group about adding this person to the policy. Not all insurance companies allow this, but some of the most recognizable ones do. A regular user should be listed on the policy, or the insurer might deny any claim involving that individual.

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