Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hand Dryer

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hand Dryer

If you are looking to buy a hand dryer, chances are that your initial research has shown you that they rarely ever come cheap. Whether the homeowner is replacing an old unit or buying a new system for the home, the investment in a hand dryer unit will be significant. The role of a hand dryer in the home or office means people often cannot do without it. However, this does not expressly condemn them to the category of expensive but mandatory. With the right approach, hand dryers do not have to dent the bank account.

The Vendor

The quality of the vendor will determine the quality of the dryer. Unless you have worked in the hand dryer field before, chances are that you might not understand a lot about the dryer. Without enough knowledge, it is easy for contractors and vendors to take advantage of the situation. Choose vendors and contractors based on trust and not from common marketing techniques like a listing or door to door marketer. Ask trusted friends and neighbors for referrals, and investigate their track record and experience. They must be duly registered and licensed to operate as contractors in the area.


Trust the vendor and the information they provide. Gathering information online is good but it is important to remember that everyone will always beat their own drum. Do not insist on specific brands especially if they are recommended by companies or individuals that are from a different location. Further, make sure the unit chosen is appropriate for the traffic it will handle. Describe the conditions of use perfectly to the vendor to have them provide appropriate guidance.


Obviously it pays to go for the most affordable, but price should not be considered in isolation. Think about the initial investment in comparison with, say, the length of time it will serve or the number of people it will be able to handle. The hand dryer might seem like a big investment but considering the length of time it will serve you, it will eventually be worth the investment. Think about the value you are getting for the price and not necessarily the price alone.

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