Different Types And Different Sources For Auto Parts

Different Types And Different Sources For Auto Parts

When a part for your car fails, what type of replacement part should you opt for? Knowing the difference between the types that are commonly available can save you a great deal of money.

It is a common misconception, but many people actually think the car they own was actually made entirely by the vehicle manufacturer. The truth is; the car was assembled from a host of parts that were made by many different companies.

Different types of car parts:

There are a number of categories of car parts ranging from cheap car parts in Chicago through the most expensive genuine parts that were used during manufacture.

* Genuine: These are parts that were used during the manufacture of your car; they include the vehicle manufacturer’s logo even though they are not actually made by it. These are by far the most expensive parts available and should be reserved for use when the car is still under warranty.

* OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are those that were used during the manufacturing process, they are identical to genuine parts except they do not carry the manufacturer’s logo. They are identical in all respects except the price, they are considerably less expensive.

* Aftermarket: These are perfectly good cheap auto parts in Chicago; they fit and perform the same as genuine and OEM parts but were made by a company other than the one that produced the parts used on the car. There are many aftermarket parts that are superior to OEM and genuine parts, the companies that make them tend to find out why OEM parts fail and then improve on the design or material.

* Rebuilt: Rebuilt car parts are used parts that have been disassembled, fitted with new components and reassembled. After testing, they are sold. Rebuilt parts are ideal for larger, more expensive parts such as engines or transmissions. It doesn’t make a great deal of financial sense to put a brand new major component in an older car.

There is no specific standard on when a certain part should be used. Cheap auto parts in Chicago are often used once the car reaches four or five years old or has high mileage.

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