Factors In Spirit Logistics You May Not Have Considered

Factors In Spirit Logistics You May Not Have Considered

As a distiller, a craft brewer or a winery owner, getting your product made is just part of the process of getting it to market. Not only will you have to create a marketing plan to expand your customer base, but you will also have to deal with the challenges of spirit logistics.

Moving any alcohol across state lines in the United States can be a challenge. The more shipping destinations your company has for distributors, retailers and even direct to customer organization sales you may have the greater the potential number of challenges.

To get around this issue, most manufacturers of beer, wine, and spirits turn to specialized spirit logistics companies. These are Third Party Logistics (3PL) services that have the expertise and experience to ensure any type of alcohol is safely transported through the year without any problems or complications.

Necessary Delivery Times

One of the most important aspects of spirit logistics is being able to ensure that the deliveries are made on time to distributors, retailers, and customers. Even a single delayed shipment can be problematic, particularly for a new brand or company on the market.
Consider looking for a 3PL provider with an excellent record in hiring reliable freight companies at good rates. Some 3PLs also provide up-to-date delivery information for both your company as well as the customers.

Smaller Loads to Large Deliveries

Depending on the customer and the size of your customer base, you may need LTL shipments or full load capacity. You may also find that your market involves a slot of single consignment types of shipments, which may require the 3PL to be flexible and responsive to additional freight needs outside of regular routes.

Take the time to consider all the “what ifs” that may be anticipated with your shipments. Talking to the 3PL in advance and understanding if they can handle those possibilities will help in choosing the right service.

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