Most Common Felonies – Criminal Law in Fort Benning, GA

Criminal offenses and felonies often end up being tried in a courtroom. Whether the offense was major or minor, it still requires court attention in order to correctly assess the case and make a ruling. Oftentimes, these rulings end in charges and sentences.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal felony, you’ll need to make sure you have the right defense in order to make sure you’re justly represented, and so your case have the most positive outcome. Each charge and case is dealt with differently, but no matter the case, all the facts matter, which is why honesty in the courtroom is so important.

Some crimes are much more common than others. Here is the most common felonies in criminal law in Fort Benning, GA committed in the U.S. Today.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse criminal law charges are the most common offense, both minor and major. Drug charges vary greatly depending on the circumstances, including the use, type of drug, and any events that may have been a result of the offense originally.

Property Crimes

Property crimes are also very common and can include burglary, arson, theft, and vandalism. These charges may not seem major, but they result in a permanent criminal law record. A criminal record will affect your future when it comes to both your career and your personal life.


While similar to drug abuse charges, DUI charges can be more serious in many cases because they will affect your driver’s license and your insurance rates as well. Driving under the influence is so common that the government funds many programs and operations to catch, charge, and help those who drive or have driven under the influence.

Assault and Physical Abuse

Assault and physical abuse are another common crime that ends in criminal charges. The situation and circumstances vary, but the charges are often the same. For more information about seeking defense, contact Phenix Legal.

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