Expert Assistance In Selecting Radiation Shielding

Expert Assistance In Selecting Radiation Shielding

A challenge in any type of construction, including for hospitals, doctors and dentists’ offices, industrial applications and other types of facilities where radiation is present is always in designing the appropriate type of radiation shielding.

In addition to choosing the correct type of materials to use to create the desired level of shielding, there are other factors to include that range from the long-term needs for the shielding as well as the cost of the product. For example, a barrier may be required for radiation shielding that can be moved or reconfigured, which requires very different options in materials from a permanent structure such as an imaging room in a medical clinic or hospital.

Turn to the Experts

There are many different companies selling different options in radiation shielding. Most of these companies specialize in one or two types of lead shielding, which limits the options to consider and also limits the ability to help to keep costs down.

By working with a manufacturer of radiation shielding, the contractor has a greater range of options. These companies tend to offer standard types of lead materials in a wide variety of forms from bricks and blocks to sheet lead and even building materials that are lead lined.

Gypsum and plywood in lead-lined form is a highly effective option in most types of medical and dental applications, and it is easy to install, permanent and meets all required building codes and standards.

These companies also provide lead-lined windows and frames, ensuring the entire room has the level of radiation protection required by the building code for the application.

Custom Options

A significant advantage of working directly with a lead products manufacturer is the ability to customize any materials required. This includes uses specific lead alloys, adjusting dimensional requirements or in creating specialized products for the specific project.

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