Tips For Choosing X-Ray Lead Shields

Tips For Choosing X-Ray Lead Shields

Manufacturers of lead x-ray aprons and shielding options turn to lead fabricators for the specific materials needed to provide the level of shielding required for safety. X-ray lead shields are made from different alloys of lead and can be heavy and bulky or streamlined and lighter, all depending on the type of radiation exposure possible.

When choosing a lead sheet for X-ray lead shields, quality and consistency of the product will be critical. Using an established, reputable, specialty provider of quality lead sheet will be the first consideration. It is important to realize the 100% X-ray lead shields offer the most complete protection, something which is a critical consideration in both medical as well as research and testing facilities.

Lead Made to Order

Not all lead fabricators offer sheeting made to order. Other companies can offer a range of different alloys and options. Additionally, these companies can actually roll the sheets to the specifications for manufacturing or construction use. This includes length, width, and thickness, based on the specific requirements for the job.

It is not uncommon to have lead sheeting rolled to thicknesses of up to 5 inches. This is often used in testing facilities and areas where radiation is a concern, such as in nuclear facilities and other areas of intense radiation or gamma ray exposure. Specially designed rooms and structural considerations with the ability to sustain this very heavy lead shield will be required.

It is also possible to have lead shields for X-ray protection as thin as 0.015 inches. This thin sheeting is very practical to use in many types of smocks and garments and offers complete protection for the individual wearing the item. Particularly for X-ray technicians, the combination of radiation shielding combined with lightweight comfort is essential for long hours imaging patients.

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