5 Ways to Shop for Marathon Training Kicks

5 Ways to Shop for Marathon Training Kicks

Tackle your marathon training right. Prevent injury while ensuring optimum performance on race day by wearing the right kicks. Read on for advice on how to shop for marathon shoes in Vancouver WA.

Shop at a specialty store

marathon shoes in Vancouver WAWhen you shop online and you want to receive the best service and find the best shoes possible, look for a specialty store, Fix says. If the shop is selling footwear or running gear, then you’ve got a better chance of dealing with knowledgeable staff and finding options that suit you.

Find the perfect fit

Look for shoes that give you the ideal fit. To do that, you need to make sure you’ve got the right measurements. The human foot tends to grow in size as you grow older. On the other hand, if you’ve recently lost weight, then your foot size will change as well. That’s why getting your foot measured is essential to buying the right pair.

Pick something lightweight

Don’t forget to factor in the weight of the kicks. Lightweight options are a crowd favorite. You’ll want to check that detail, then, before you commit to a model.

Consider the features

Some runners go for shoes with a sleek and engineered upper fit. That may be a good choice for you too. In addition, you could pick something with substantial cushioning to keep your feet comfortable while you run for miles. Look for shoes that support your unique running form, whether that means going for longer or wider shoes. Use all this as a guide when you shop for marathon shoes in Vancouver WA.

Break it in

When you get your shoes, break them in the right way. How do your feet feel in them? Do you want that kind of experience on race day? Try it out for a couple of workouts to see how your shoes handle the stress and go from there.

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