Exercise-Based After School Programs in Fairfield CT Provide Numerous Benefits for Young Children

Exercise-Based After School Programs in Fairfield CT Provide Numerous Benefits for Young Children

Health experts are concerned about the dramatic rise in numbers of children who are overweight and even obese. An unhealthy diet of fast food and sweet snacks contributes to this, and so does the sedentary lifestyle so many kids lead today. Parents who worry about this may enroll their youngsters in After School Programs in Fairfield CT that focus on physical activity, such as gymnastics.

Improved Sleep

Another factor of concern is that children may not be getting enough sleep. Even elementary school students commonly have smartphones and spend a fair bit of time on a computer each day. Like teenagers, some of them may be texting with friends while they should be asleep. But, attending After School Programs in Fairfield CT that include plenty of exercise will help them wind down at night. They’ll be tired enough to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep until morning.

After-School Programs vs. Team Sports

Many parents enroll their elementary school children in team sports, but this isn’t always the answer. Not all kids are coordinated enough or have enough mastery of motor skills to excel in soccer or baseball, and they may feel a lack of self-confidence in this environment. In an after-school program, they can improve at their own pace without a sense of competition.

Numerous Benefits

By learning the basics of gymnastics in this type of setting, children gain numerous benefits. They have another chance to socialize with children outside of school. They learn to set goals and improve various aspects of physical fitness. Coordination, strength, and confidence all are enhanced.

A Healthy Way of Living

A healthy way of living used to be the norm for children. They ate nutritious foods of a reasonable calorie level every day. Fast food and deep-fried items were an occasional treat and not a routine part of the diet. They ran around outside until their parents made them come back in for dinner. With the prevalence of overweight youngsters increasing significantly, exercise programs in an after-school setting such as Next Dimension Gymnastics can be part of an all-around change in lifestyle patterns. Visit Nextdimensiongymnastics.com to learn more.

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