Eliminating Mice With Rodent Removal in Baltimore MD

Eliminating Mice With Rodent Removal in Baltimore MD

When someone notices mouse droppings in their home, they will want to take fast action in eliminating any rodents that may be inside. Mice are known to carry diseases, making it important to keep them on the exterior of the home. Here are some ways mice can be stopped from coming inside of the home.

Rodent Removal in Baltimore MD is usually done by a pest control service. They will have the right products and equipment to remove existing mice from a structure. They will also give the homeowner tips on how to keep them from returning.
To keep mice from getting inside, it is a good idea to start on the outside of the home. Fill any holes in the siding or foundation with caulk to keep mice from squeezing through. Larger voids can be covered with pieces of flashing. Pieces of steel wool can also be pushed into these areas.

Mice are more apt to go into a home that is messy. This is because there will be an abundance of crumbs to eat and places to hide. To help keep the home free of mice, it is best to clean frequently. Vacuum the floors and keep counters free of any food remnants.

Peppermint oil is a good mouse deterrent as they do not enjoy the scent. Dip several cotton balls into a mixture of this essential oil and water. Place them in corners and areas where droppings were noticed. They will most likely stay away from the area.

Tend to any plumbing problems so there is no moisture withing the home that mice can use as a water source. It is also a good idea to cover any water collection areas outdoors. This would include bird baths and fountains.

Calling a service specializing in Rodent Removal will help eradicate the problem in its entirety. If someone wishes to find a reliable pest control service, they can call a professional in their area. Contact Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. to find out more about the processes they use to eliminate mice from inside a home. An appointment can then be made for service if desired.

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