How to Tell a Roof Has Hail Damage in Carmel

Sitting in the living room listening to rain pour down on the roof can be a wonderful, soothing experience. However, when the inclement weather turns serious, and a gentle rain becomes a steady stream of hail, that roof may be put in jeopardy. Hail Damage in Carmel accounts for a noticeable amount of the damage done to local residential and commercial roofs. This should come as no surprise to local residents, who likely realize that hail stones can reach speeds of as much as 120 miles per hour by the time they hit home. Addressing any hail damage that occurs as quickly as possible after the storm can help home owners to reduce the chances of additional property damage.

It isn’t always necessary to get up on the roof to determine whether or not a hail storm has had a negative impact. If the roof is damaged, it’s likely that other areas of the property have suffered as well. Property owners who notice dents or breaks in their windows, doors, or outdoor furniture may want to more carefully investigate the effect the storm has had on more important structures. Trees, outdoor HVAC units, and vehicles are all susceptible to damage as well, so if trees are stripped of foliage and dents are present in the metal of any cars in the driveway or outdoor fixtures, it’s a good bet that the roof has accrued some damage too.

If the damage is obvious and can be safely documented from the ground or other undamaged structures, it’s a good idea to take pictures of it for later use in negotiating with insurance companies. If possible, it’s also smart to cover any obvious holes with a tarp or other protection to prevent leaks and eventual water damage. It is, however, also important that property owners not jeopardize their own safety attempting to take these steps themselves if they are not capable.

For many home owners climbing up to the roof, particularly when it’s entirely possible that it has become structurally weakened due to damage, is just not a possibility. If this is the case, call a professional for an evaluation. Don’t risk further destruction by ignoring Hail Damage in Carmel. Companies like Amos Exteriors Inc can send out skilled and experienced contractors to safely evaluate a household’s roof and determine what measures must be taken to fix any damage.

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