Effective Solutions for Treating Scabies

Effective Solutions for Treating Scabies

Scabies is a contagious skin condition caused by scabies mites that breed under your skin, says Healthline. It’s often transmitted through skin-to-skin contact and is widely known for the appearance of rashes or small, red bumps which a lot of people often mistakenly believe to be mosquito bites. They can be extremely painful when left untreated and could turn into pus-filled blisters.

Infected areas

While it can develop all over the body, scabies rashes are often found in the following areas: space between your fingers, your wrists, elbows, shoulder blades, armpits, under your breasts, your waist, in the genital area, your buttocks, in your knees and the soles of your feet.

Home remedies

You can start treating scabies at home with simple but effective home remedies. Soaps or bathing solutions are a great way to stop re-infestation and to kill off the mites. Make sure you use the soaps or bathing solutions regularly. Once every few days isn’t going to make the treatment effective. Only regular use will help get the infestation under control so use it for your morning and evening baths or showers.


Make sure you eliminate all contact with the bedding, towels or clothing of someone who’s been infected with scabies. Wash all contaminated articles in hot water and dry them using high heat. This should kill the mites right away. If you’re infected, keep your nails clean to get rid of any mites or eggs that might be there. Vacuuming the carpets, bedding, furniture and even the interiors of your car will also help get rid of the mites. Once that’s done, make sure to properly dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag.

So prevent the infestation from growing worse. Keep natural treatments for scabies as well as precautionary measures in mind.

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