Is It Time To Paint Your House?

Of all the home improvement projects that can be undertaken, perhaps interior or exterior painting ranks as one of the most popular. Regardless of whether it is inside or outside or how big or small the project is, hiring professional painters in Evanston will save you a great deal of time and frustration.

Before you chose the painting contractor to work on your house, you may wish to consider a few tips:

* Experience: Painting is not something that is taught, it is a trade that is learned. Make sure the painter has been in business for a couple of years or longer.

* Who does the work? It is important that you find out who will actually be doing the work. There are liability issues to consider, if the painters are employees of the contractor they will be covered by the employer’s workers comp and insurance. If the people who do the work have been hired as sub-contractors, you need to know that they are self insured. Always ask for proof of insurance from the contractor regardless of who actually does the work.

* References: It is always beneficial if you can speak directly to homeowners that have used the contractor in the past. Ask for a few references and contact them before making your decision.

* Written estimate: Never accept a verbal price; make sure the candidate offers a formal estimate, one that includes everything in the scope of work. Insist on a bill of material, the hours anticipated for prep and painting as well as a description of the materials that are proposed.

* Price: Of course, price is important but it is not necessarily the primary consideration. You want people that are skilled, experienced and dedicated to doing an excellent job. Contractors that can offer these qualities will not necessarily be the low bidder. If you get a price from a contractor that seems too good to be true; chances are there are reasons that you don’t want to know.

When you are looking for the best painters in Evanston always get three or four bids, when you interview the contractors ask the same questions to each and explain what it is you expect.

If you are looking for excellent painters in Evanston for either interior or exterior painting, you will be happy with the results you get from the pros at Fortune Restoration. Follow us on twitter.

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