Drug Defense Attorneys in Mesa, AZ Can Help with Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking and distribution laws penalize the transport, selling and import of controlled substances. The punishment can vary depending on drug type and amount as well as the method and area of distribution. Drug trafficking is a felony more serious than simple possession, and all defendants can benefit from the advice of drug defense attorneys in Mesa, AZ.

Trafficking of Controlled Substances

When federal or state government deems a substance controlled, it means that the substance’s use and distribution are covered by law. Substances are often classified on different levels by state and federal statutes. For instance, marijuana is a Schedule I substance while anabolic steroids are listed as a Schedule III.

Federal and State Trafficking Charges

Both state and federal laws are used in drug trafficking cases. There are numerous federal laws on the books, and every jurisdiction has its own list of drug trafficking laws. Many states’ laws emulate the federal statutes, providing mandatory minimum sentences for offenders. Legislators often pass such laws to deter drug cartel activity but, in many cases, it is the lower-level distributors who get caught up. One of the major controversies surrounding today’s drug trafficking laws is that a small-time dealer can often get a longer sentence than a violent criminal.

Factors Leading to Conviction

A client can be convicted of drug trafficking if they transport, sell, or manufacture illicit drugs. However, trafficking is a crime of measurement and weight. If a defendant is found with a specific amount of any illegal drug, they can face trafficking charges.

Possession and Intent

To gain a conviction, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant had the required amount of the drug and that possession was intentional. Knowingly possessing illegal drugs is sufficient for a conviction, and the prosecutor doesn’t have to prove the defendant’s state of mind during the event.

Consult a Local Attorney As Soon As Possible

Charges of drug trafficking can result in lengthy prison sentences, asset forfeiture, and a tarnished reputation. However, legal counsel from drug defense attorneys in Mesa, AZ can ensure that a drug trafficking charge doesn’t constitute a life sentence. Visit the website of the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. for a no-obligation case review and to protect a client’s legal rights.

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