Delicious Hawaiian 10% Kona Coffee and More

It’s hard to imagine starting the day without a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

One of the most sought out coffees hails from the paradise of the Hawaiian islands. Kona coffee–named for Hawai’i Island’s Kona Districts where it is grown–is famous for its rich flavor and desirability. The thirty-mile stretch of Hualalai and Mauna Loa’s volcanic soil and afternoon cloud cover create ideal conditions for growing superior coffees. Coffee is not native to the islands but was brought in by missionaries in the 1800s. Through many ups and downs, the Kona Coffee business now thrives and is cultivated by independent farms.

Kona coffees generally come in three varieties: Hawaiian 100% Kona Peaberry Coffee, Hawaiian 100% Kona Coffee, and Hawaiian 10% Kona Coffee.

Peaberry Kona coffees are the rarest of the Kona coffees, making up only 5%-10% of the annual harvest. Typically, two beans grow side by side inside the coffee cherry. As a result, the beans are round on one side and flat on another. A Peaberry coffee bean is an anomaly that grows as a single seed inside the coffee cherry. This makes it more round and dense than the common coffee bean. Peaberry coffees must be roasted with great care and attention due to their unusual shape.

All Kona coffees are harvested, sun dried, and roasted using only the best equipment and techniques. The cherries are soaked for at least 18 hours before being sun dried and later having their skin stripped so that only the naked bean remains. They are then sorted by shape, color, and density, and the regular, whole beans are seperated from the highly desire Peaberry beans. The combination of care and the ideal weather and soil conditions in the Kona Districts result in a coffee that is rich, medium-bodied, slightly acidic, and complex.

Because Kona coffee is so rare, some retailers combine the pure Kona grounds with comparable coffee grounds from South America. These Hawaiian 10% Kona Coffee blends make the wonder of Kona coffee accessible to a much wider audience.

Mulvadi Corporation Kona Coffee sells all three varieties of Kona coffee as well as other products to bring the taste of the islands to your table. They can be veiwed on the Mulvadi Corporation’s website:

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