Don’t End Up In Jail And In Need Of A DWI Defense Attorney

Generally, people don’t think they’ll ever need to hire a DWI defense attorney. The unfortunate truth is that people get arrested for alcohol-related offenses all the time. It’s not like some people set out to drink and drive, but alcohol can really affect a person’s judgment. Things that people normally wouldn’t do they end up doing. It’s also important to realize that not everyone charged with alcohol-related offenses is guilty. When a person is arrested, it means that law enforcement has a reasonable suspicion that the individual broke the law.

There are a number of tactics to avoid being arrested, charged, and consequently needing to hire a DWI defense attorney. People who know they are going out to drink can make plans with taxi companies for rides to and from restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and house parties. By planning ahead with a taxi company, a person doesn’t have to worry about the taxi not showing up. There are also driving services that allow regular people to give people rides much the same way taxis do. Such services operate around the clock and can be accessed through smartphone applications.

When friends go out to a party one of them can be the designated driver, meaning that they will stay sober so that they can drive everyone home. Being a designated driver means taking on a lot of responsibility. In order to be fair, a group of friends might want to take turns every time they go out. There are times when people simply don’t plan ahead. If a friend notices a person is too intoxicated to drive, they can try taking that person’s keys away. Sometimes, it might be necessary to trick the person in order to get their keys so that a confrontation can be avoided.

At the end of the day, a person charged with a DWI is going to have to hire Bonnie D. Putterman Attorney at Law or another lawyer to help with legal matters. There is a lot at stake, so people shouldn’t risk fines, loss of driving privileges, and possible jail time by not having legal representation help them in court. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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