Choose Steel Gates Or Aluminum?

Choose Steel Gates Or Aluminum?

When in the market for a new gate for your property, whether for a residential driveway, commercial property, or garden, your first and most important decision will be whether to look at Steel Gates or aluminum gates. Although often identical in appearance, the two metals will offer you vastly different gate experiences.

First, a steel gate will be much heavier than one made of aluminum. A large aluminum gate takes less power to open-;a commercial property gate is easily opened by one person or a lower-grade automatic opener. A steel gate is of substantial weight and must be have mounting, support structures, and mechanized openers designed for steel. If shipping is an issue, aluminum may cost less and also be easier to install. Because of its light weight, aluminum could be prone to damage from stong storms or from someone hanging on or climbing over the gate.

Steel Gates offer the most strength and highest level of security. They cannot be broken or bent as aluminum gates can, and they also resist impacts. If security is one of the reasons you are in the market for a gate, a substantial steel gate is your only choice. Because of it strength steel will not sag under weight or strain. For this reason, steel also offers superior longevity. This attribute is why steel is also used to produce steel frames that will shore up your wooden gates and provide strength and ease of movement.

Aluminum is popular for its corrosion resistance. It does not rust with exposure to water and oxygen, although it will suffer some corrosion over many years. If you live in an area that leaves your gate exposed to salt, either from the sea or from passing snow plows, aluminum might be the best choice. Most steel gates are treated with a durable coating to ward off rust, although they may still be susceptible at smal areas of joints or piercings of the coating.

Choosing the right gate for your needs takes careful thought. The people at Jenks Fence are happy to help you walk through your decision. Jenks Fence is Green Country’s innovator in modern fencing for commercial and residential applications. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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