Do You Know What A Millwright in Dallas Does?

“Millwright” has been a respected, skilled trade for many centuries, but few people outside the construction industry know what a millwright does. For centuries, a millwright was considered to be both ingenious and skillful. He knew how to do everything mechanical, as well as carpentry and blacksmithing. He was the medieval “go-to guy,” the ultimate authority for the mechanical arts. A millwright was a traveling engineer, going wherever the job was, doing what needed to be done. A millwright was then, and is now, a jack of all trades.

The Modern Millwright

Millwrights today are involved with a multitude of tasks involving heavy machinery. If a factory needs to be moved, the millwrights will do what is necessary, rigging, crating, moving and then erecting the machinery in the new location. When the unassembled equipment arrives, they position the pieces to be assembled with hoisting and moving equipment.

It is essential that a Millwright in Dallas have a thorough knowledge of blueprints, technical instructions and the load-bearing capabilities of equipment. A full description of a millwright’s duties would cover the page. Since they work with so many different types of machinery during their careers, they develop a wide breadth of knowledge. When confronted with problems, they are expected to find solutions.

Safety and Quality

Moving heavy machinery is inherently dangerous. The emphasis must be on safety for all concerned. This also benefits the owners of the equipment being moved, as a sloppy move by inexperienced people will damage delicate equipment, costing valuable time and money. Safety training for something this complicated involves a lot more than one or two safety presentations. It will require strict educational requirements, safety training sessions both on and off the job and regular safety audits and meetings.

This emphasis on safety benefits the customers in a second way. Strict safety policies and practices reduce the insurance costs for the company, which creates savings that can be passed on to the customer. It also guarantees that their move will be accomplished with very experienced people since a safe working environment encourages millwrights and others to remain with the company.

DFW Movers and Erectors Inc. specialize in providing the highest quality services when equipment must be moved. These heavy machinery movers can get the job done, whether it’s one machine or an entire factory. If you need the services of a Millwright in Dallas, call DFW or visit their website.

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