Learn More About Ceramic Crowns in St George, UT

A dentist makes the decision to place a crown over a tooth to protect it from further damage. They are also placed to make a tooth look more attractive. Crowns can be placed the same day or may need to be ordered from an outside dental lab. Those who are in need of Ceramic Crowns in St George UT, can better understand what to expect from the procedure so they will be fully prepared.

When a patient goes in for crown placement, they will need to first have the dentist create impressions so the lab or machine can create the crown. Once impressions have been taken, the dentist will begin working on shaping the tooth to ensure it will fit properly inside the crown. The shaping process is not only for offering a perfect fit, it is also important in removing as much of the damaged areas of the tooth as possible. When the damaged areas are removed, the tooth will no longer be in danger of becoming further damaged.

A crown is a tooth-shaped ceramic shell that can be created in a dental lab and shaded to match a person’s surrounding teeth. Today, there are also CEREC machines that can take a piece of ceramic and shape it into a precise crown. These machines can create a crown in a matter of minutes so it can be placed over the tooth the same day.

Once the tooth has been prepared and the crown has been created, the dentist will work to adhere the crown in place. The adhesive used in this process ensures the crown is permanently adhered to the tooth so the person can continue to chew and bite normally. The dentist will first conduct a dry fitting to ensure the crown fits precisely before it is adhered in place.

Those who are interested in Ceramic Crowns in St George UT, should contact the office of Hatch & Jeppson Dental. Through this office, a person can receive the crown they need to protect their tooth and make their smile more attractive. Call them today for a consultation appointment and get started on the path to having a perfect smile.

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