A Disability Law Attorney in St. Louis County, MO Who Can Help Claimants with Their Case

Many people have heard about how those who apply for social security disability benefits are rejected at first. Sometimes the party can be rejected two or three times, which causes a lot of people to be apprehensive about applying for the benefits. However, anyone suffering from a disability that is preventing them from working should apply for the disability benefits. There is a disability law attorney in St. Louis County, MO who helps clients who have problems getting their benefits. These are some of the things clients should understand about the process.

There are some legitimate issues with people applying for social security disability in Missouri. The rate of people who are denied disability is 70 percent. This means that the majority of people who apply for disability must file an appeal. Claimants may stand a better chance of getting approved on the second appeal, provided they have the necessary information for the social security disability board to successfully approve the claim. The process stands an even better chance of being approved if the claimant has hired an experienced attorney to act on their behalf.

The best way for a claimant to ensure that they are following the correct process of filing a disability claim is to go in person and speak directly to a claims representative. Online applications can be done, but the process may likely not be done accurately for one reason or another. Claimants should also ensure that all of their medical documentation supports the disability they have, otherwise the claim is bound to be denied. Again, having an attorney can help alleviate some of the complicated issues surrounding disability claims.

Hoff Law Center has been providing legal solutions for clients in the St. Louis County, Missouri area for the past 25 years. Those who need help with their disability claims can get help at the law firm. The law firm also handles bankruptcy cases and cases involving personal injury. If any persons are looking for a disability law attorney in St. Louis County, MO, the law firm is available.

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