Creating A Living Will Through Estate Planning In Salina, KS

Kansas residents who wish to secure their future care strategies should consult an attorney to create a living will. With a living will you can make provisions to prevent anyone from changing your care plan or utilizing your property or assets in ways that are not acceptable to you. If you wish to review concepts for Estate Planning in Salina KS today, you should Click here for more information.

The Creation of a Living Will

Your living will dictates your wishes in terms of care for when you are unable to take care of yourself. This includes determining whether or not you will to be placed within a nursing home. Items such as life support are also covered. You can designate a family member to provide your care during this time.

Power of Attorney

It is necessary that you provide a power of attorney for the loved one in which you want to provide your future care. This document provides them with specific rights such as paying your bills and managing your property. You determine the limitations of this opportunity. This includes stipulating whether or not they possess the right to sell property or assets.

Your Final Will

You can place stipulations within your will that are based on some terms of your living will. For instance, if you wish to ensure that you are not placed into a nursing facility, you can redirect award of your property or assets if a family member violates your final wishes. You can also make provisions for your children within your will in the event that you die before they become legal age. You can identify a guardian based on your preferences and establish an alternative, if he or she is unable to care for your children.

Through Estate Planning in Salina KS today, you can create a wealth of documents to ensure that your family doesn’t face difficulties after you die. You can also devise strategies for your own care that will prevent you from ending up in a nursing home. With these provisions your final wishes are upheld through the court. If you wish to learn more about these concepts, visit the website now.



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