Why A Construction Accident Lawyer in Melrose, MA Has Become Essential

Why A Construction Accident Lawyer in Melrose, MA Has Become Essential

Individuals injured in a construction accident in Massachusetts will find they are fighting an uphill battle to collect damages. The biggest problem lies in determining who is at fault for this accident, as many job sites have multiple contractors and subcontractors working simultaneously. When this is the case, each entity will likely deny responsibility, thus the injured party needs to retain a Construction Accident Lawyer in Melrose MA immediately. The attorney works to determine who is at fault and may be held financially responsible for any bills incurred by the victim.

First and foremost, it needs to be determined if the general contractor or subcontractor will be at fault. The general contractor, under current state law, may only be held accountable for a workplace injury when it is found that they had meaningful supervisory control over the subcontractor. For instance, a foreman overseeing an entire job site could be sued in this situation. This often is a question put before the court, as different people may have conflicting ideas of what meaningful supervisory control actually is.

What the Construction Accident Lawyer in Melrose MA will look for in this situation is the duties of the foreman. Did he or she conduct safety briefings for all individuals working on the job site? Was it his or her job to walk through the site regularly to detect any potential issues? Furthermore, did he or she have the right to order individuals on the job to change, continue, or refrain from work they were carrying out? Additionally, the court looks at whether the contractor was given sole responsibility for the safety of the job site. If this is the case, the general contractor may be held liable, and this is only one example of questions that may arise following a construction accident.

Visit us to learn more about construction accidents, what they entail, and more. The firm works with clients who have been the victim of a personal injury to ensure they receive fair compensation for their injuries, time lost from work, and more. Construction accidents happen more often than they should, and many can be prevented. Hold those accountable when injured on the job, as doing so may help to prevent the same from happening to someone else. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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