The Necessity Of Flood Insurance In Texas

Many people, who live outside Texas, do not realize that the country experiences severe floods. However, those who live in places such as Houston and Conroe TX realize how severe the situation can be. They are well aware of the cost of flooding. It is why they purchase flood insurance. For businesses and homeowners, this is the best way to protect their home and other possessions when this type of disaster strikes.

What Is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance covers the damage and effects of flooding. It is separate from home or business insurance. While individual insurance companies can and do cover it, a FEMA initiative called the National Flood Insurance Program (NFPP), funds a portion of the cost. The result is more affordable flood insurance. Conroe, TX, has signed on to the NFPP, but home and commercial business owners need to qualify for protection.

Why Do Residents in Conroe TX Need Flood Insurance?

Conroe TX, like much of the area surrounding Lake Conroe is a flood zone. The latest floods of May 2015, confirm this. Some sections are a high-risk area, but this does not mean those who live in a moderate- to low-risk areas are free from the risk of and damages caused by flooding. This is one incentive for people to buy flood insurance. However, in 2014, the opposite was true. The numbers had fallen by 4.49 percent from 2013. The result was not totally unexpected. Many people who lived in Conroe, TX were hit hard.

Why People Do Not Purchase Flood Insurance

Three basic reasons explain why individuals did not and continue not to purchase flood insurance. They are:

*     Unable to afford it
*     Unaware it exists
*     Believed it was included in their home owner policy

This not only applies to the homes in Conroe TX, but everywhere across the United States. The last perception is one that is common. People do not purchase flood insurance because they truly believe it is included in their home insurance policy.

This fallacy refuses to die. Flood insurance has never been included in home or commercial insurance. Ask any insurance agent. They will be certain to straighten the matter out for you.
Purchase Flood Insurance

If you live in a moderate to high-risk area, such as Conroe TX, it is important you prepare for all contingencies. While the great flood may not happen every 100 years, the potential is there for several small floods to occur. If you want to avoid losing everything you have to water damage and being forced to pay for the cost of repairs to and replacement of your property, be sensible. Be prepared. Sign up for flood insurance.

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