Consider Vinyl Flooring in McGregor TX

When you hear the words vinyl flooring in McGregor TX, you think of the old gold or green squares with weird designs. While in style in the 60’s and 70’s, most people today prefer wood or tiled floors. Wood flooring gives that warm, homey feel to any room, but it is difficult to clean. You cannot just mop the way you would a tile floor. These have to be vacuumed with a bare floor attachment then dust mopped with an approved wood floor cleaner. Also, wood floors scratch easily. The sun can cause them to fade, water will warp them and spills can stain them. Tile floors are easier to care for, but sometimes the grout breaks, causing you to have to replace tiles. The grout may also change color over time. Contact Waco Carpet Company today.

Today, vinyl floors are very different than they were years ago. They come in many patterns, such as hardwood floor, tile and stone patterns. There are multiple colors and styles to choose from. You can even get cushioned vinyl floors to make standing in the kitchen much more comfortable. Whether you want a light wood floor or a darker stained wood, you can get those looks in vinyl flooring. Maybe you would rather have the look of a tile floor. Larger, lighter colored ceramic tiles or darker, smaller stone tiles with several hues of browns and grays can all be found in vinyl flooring.

The best part about vinyl flooring is that it is much cheaper and easier to install than wood, stone or ceramic tile. It lasts much longer without staining or fading, and is much, much easier to clean. Dropping an object on it will not break it like a tiled floor. Regular sweeping and mopping is all that is required to keep a vinyl floor clean, unlike wood floors. No special cleaners or cleaning equipment is needed.

So, if you are looking for vinyl flooring in McGregor TX get online and do a little research. FTalk to the salespeople to compare pricing and guarantees. You will get a beautiful floor that costs less and is much easier to keep clean!

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