Common Types Of Industrial Air Compressors in PA Businesses Use

Air compressors come in a range of styles, types, and power ratings. They are used by individuals as well as within a number of industries. When it comes to Industrial air compressors PA business owners have three main types to pick from. The one that is best suited for you will be determined by the intended use. Visit for more details.

Centrifugal Compressors

These types of compressors provide a constant flow of air and are designed for high capacity use. They work by using dynamic displacement. Their rotary impellers move at much higher speeds than other types of air compressors. This higher speed of rotation, coupled with a constant flow of high pressured air, makes these particularly good for use in engines, HVAC, and the oil and gas industry. Their flow and capacity can be customized through the opening or closing of their inlet guide vanes.

Reciprocating Compressors

Through the use of a piston within the cylinder, these types of compressors work by reducing the air’s volume and supplying that air under the additional pressure. This method is known as positive displacement, and is one of the more common methods of air compression. They come as either single or double acting, which is determined by how many sides of the piston they use. Single acting compressors are typically used when the psig needed is between 70 and 100. For a higher capacity, the double acting types are best as they provide a psig between 100 and 250. For both, their capacity can be controlled by altering the engine speed and fuel flow.

Rotary Screw Compressors

Another common type of industrial air compressor is the rotary screw construction. With this type, the compressor works by forcing the air through its cylinder using rotors, also a type of positive displacement. As with the reciprocating compressors, the capacity can be changed by reducing or increasing the engine speed. These types of compressors are designed for a constant flow, with the internal structures kept cool either through oil flooded lubrication or oil free water or air cooled models. Their constant flow is delivered at high volumes that is pulse free.

To learn more about the different types of Industrial air compressors PA businesses use, or to find out which one best meets your needs, contact the experts at Air Center Inc.

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