Clean Up with a Tramp Oil Separator

Clean Up with a Tramp Oil Separator

Keeping your shop clean can be a chore when you run a busy metalworking shop. The dirty fluid creates a bad smell with fumes that can potentially make employees use more sick days. Keeping the fluids in your shop clean is really important. A tramp oil separator can help you keep your fluids clean, your shop clean, and your employees healthy. In addition, this simple product can help you save money, too.

The tramp oil separator removes dirty oil off the top of the cleaning fluid, separating it from the fluid that is still usable. This increases the life of the fluid and increases the machine’s efficiency. It also makes your shop smell cleaner, removing that dirty oil smell. It’s simple to add a tramp oil separator to each of your fluid machines, keeping everything in your shop running more smoothly and ensuring your shop is a healthier place for employees. These products are compact and space saving.

For the most money saving option, combine a tramp oil separator with a coolant recycling system. A coolant recycling system thoroughly clean your fluids so that these can be reused multiple times before disposal. The tramp oil separator helps keep the fluid clean on a daily basis, so it’s easy to reuse it through the recycling systems. Recycling your coolant can save you up to 80% on your coolant costs, compared to not recycling. Not only will you buy less coolant throughout the year, but you’ll also save on coolant disposal costs.

A clean shop makes employees feel better and keeps them healthier. Clean fluid helps machines run more efficiently, and recycling helps you save money. Installing tramp oil separators are a simple step you can take to a cleaner and more efficient shop overall.

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