4 Ways to Get the Cut You Want from a Reputable Black Hair Salon

Tired of a bad haircut? Before you start checking out Black Hair salons in Houston, here are practical tips to remember when you talk to your hair stylist to get that perfect cut:

Take pictures

Don’t know the term? If you aren’t sure what the right term is—is it a bob or do you mean an octopus cut?—then go online, search for photos of the style you want and take snapshots with your phone. When your stylist asks you for the cut you want, you can now handily whip out your phone and show those photos. That’s going to help your stylist know exactly what you want, says the Telegraph.

Be clear and specific

Your stylist isn’t a mind reader. Going to the best Black Hair salons in Houston won’t matter if you aren’t clear with what you want. Maybe, coming in, you wanted a bob only to change your mind and pick a different style. Speak up before your hair stylist starts sniping. Otherwise, you could end up with a style and cut you don’t want.

Listen to your stylist

A stylist from a reputable salon has the knowledge and expertise to take one look at your hair, listen to your hair problems and woes and provide suggestions that can address those problems and concerns. They’ll have your best interests at heart so learn to listen to their suggestions and tips. If they say that bob isn’t going to go great with the shape of your face, don’t take it personally. Ask what styles will work and go from there.

Talk about your problems

If you’ve got thick hair that tends to poof and make you look like Dora the Explorer, then let your stylist know. She’ll be able to cut and trim away to thin out your hair and give you the look you want.

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