Having Car Trouble? 4 Signs It’s a Transmission Problem

Transmission problems can put a dent in your budget. To keep those repairs to a minimum, you’ll want to bring your car in for transmission repair in Coppell TX the soonest possible. Read on to know some of the common signs that point to transmission problems.


When you shift from the neutral to drive or reverse gear, if you feel like there’s a delay of more than a second before the gear follows, then that could be a transmission issue. If the car doesn’t immediately catch the gear, then you’ll want to head on over to an auto shop.

Strange noises

If you hear a clunk, shudder or jolt whenever you change gears, then that could mean a problem in your gearbox, the WheelZine says. That’s not a good sign. You’ll want to have that looked over right away. Get your car to the auto shop for transmission repair in Coppell TX. The sooner a qualified mechanic checks your car, the sooner the necessary repairs can begin.

Zero speed increase

If your engine rpm keeps spiking but there’s no increase in the speed of your car, then that’s something you’ll want to watch out for. You could be driving around with a damaged transmission system. The more you use it, the worse the problem will get.

Slips out of gear

If your car’s transmission slips out of gear while you’re on the road, that’s dangerous and could potentially put your life and safety at risk, along with the life and safety of other people. It could be due to low fluid levels in your car. Check if they’re on optimum levels.

These signs should give you an idea if you’ve got a transmission problem. The best way to fix this is to go to an auto shop for help as soon as you can.

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