Please Your Customers With Pizza Cooked in a Brick Oven

Please Your Customers With Pizza Cooked in a Brick Oven

Pizzas that are cooked in a brick pizza oven taste better and more authentic than those that are simply put on a conveyor belt and sent through a regular oven. When your restaurant wants to create a more authentic dining experience, a brick pizza oven by Fortana Forni is the right choice. As the USA distributor of these ovens we offer guidance and tips for the installation of the appliances and their use.

There is no end to the types of pizzas that you can cook in a brick oven. While the oven itself will be a huge selling point to your customers, the pizzas that you make in it can be of any variety. The ovens do an excellent job at cooking hand-tossed pizzas and their crusts. If you do a lot of deep-dish pizzas, the oven can handle those with no problem. Perhaps you make a lot of thin crust pizzas for your customers. Those will be done in a jiffy with the brick oven.

A brick oven that is set up for cooking pizzas can do a lot more than just cook pizzas. Many customers order an appetizer such as cheese sticks, garlic bread or bread sticks when they order a pizza. The brick oven can also be used to prepare these. If your menu includes stromboli, calzones and other stuffed sandwiches, the brick oven can handle them as well.

Some restaurants make dessert pizzas or offer other types of baked desserts. The brick oven has the capacity to cook cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies and pies of any type. With the flexibility that a brick oven provides for your restaurant, it is an investment that will certainly pay off. Visit us online at to learn more.

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