What Can You Expect From Your New Roof Construction in Sugar Land?

There are many steps involved in new roof construction in Sugar Land. When a new home is being built, a sturdy and reliable roof is crucial for preventing damage. Roofs protect homes from the elements and keep the occupants safe from weather events. It is important new homeowners understand what to expect during their new roof construction. With the following information, homeowners will know how their new roof will be installed.

Steps Involved in a New Roof Construction

The following steps must take place during a new roof construction in Sugar Land. These steps must be carried out by a skilled professional who understands the importance of using the right materials and tools to create a sound roof that will provide protection for a home for many years to come.

The first step involved is making the wood support frames for the roof. Many people make the mistake of thinking the shingles are the most important part of a roof but, in reality, every single part of the roof has its own purpose and is just as important as the others. Once the roof has been properly framed with the rafters or trusses, plywood is attached, covering the entire roof surface and preparing it for the application of the next layers.

Next, the underlayment will be placed over the sheathing. The most commonly used underlayment is tar paper because this material works well with the shingles of a roof and helps to prevent any water or moisture from penetrating the barrier and compromising the wood sheathing. Without this liner in place, the wood decking can easily become damaged due to rain, snow, and ice. Those who live in cold climates will need an additional ice barrier installed.

At this point, all vents and pipe jacks will be installed. These will need to be installed before any shingles are put in place. Once all of these have been properly installed, the shingles and flashings will be put in place. All of the components work together to protect the home from water damage.

Call For Your New Roof

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