FAQ’s About Cremation Atlantic Highlands

Traditional burial is expensive and takes time to plan, leaving people wondering about other types of services such as cremation. Cremation Atlantic Highlands is a less expensive alternative, but still a good way to honor a loved one. Funeral homes do a nice job of laying out options available when a loved one passes away. Even with the consultation from the funeral director, people are left with many unanswered questions regarding cremation.

Does a Casket Need to Be Purchased if Choosing Cremation?

A casket is not necessary, but if having a funeral or memorial service, it is a nice touch. The funeral home does provide a container typically made of wood or cardboard that is cremated along with the body. This is required in most states.

Does Cremation Take Place Immediately After Death?

There is normally a process required by each state for the body before it can be cremated. This may include a several days waiting period. The body will also need to be examined by a coroner and an autopsy if sometimes performed if applicable.

What Happens with Ashes After Cremation?

Ashes are placed into an urn and given to the family. It is up to the family what is done with them after they have bee released by the crematory.
Where Can Ashes be Scattered?

It is legal to scatter ashes in any state. There are sometimes regulations about scattering them in certain areas, and a permit would have to be obtained. Ashes can also be buried at the cemetery much like a traditional burial.

Is Cremation Against Most Religions?

Most religions accept cremation as a form of burial. However, there are a few that do not recognize it. These religions are Judaism, Eastern Orthodox, Islamic, and Orthodox Jewish. In the past, Catholicism has not been supportive of cremation, but they are now accepting it more.

A funeral home will assign a director or consultant to the family at the time of death to go over these questions and more. They can also work with them on their budget and what will fit with their needs. For more questions about Cremation Atlantic Highlands, visit the website.

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