Bladder Cancer Linked To Diesel Exhaust

Bladder Cancer Linked To Diesel Exhaust

The exhaust emitted by a typical diesel engine is a cocktail of gases, fuel vapors, aerosols and other harmful partials which result from diesel fuel combustion. Diesel fumes contain a lot of sooty particles, and within this mixture are several carcinogens that potentially can lead to cancer. People employed in certain industries, the railroad being one, trucking being another are exposed far more than the general population and as such are more liable to get bladder cancer. Those that are affected by this disease are well advised to contact a bladder cancer law firm and take action.

The World Health Organization, WHO, have issued warnings about carcinogenic diesel exhaust, apparently, these fumes are in the same category as asbestos and arsenic, substances known to be linked to cancer.

What sector of society is most likely to be affected?

Those that are exposed on a daily basis to equipment that is powered by a diesel engine can be affected. This group of high-risk individuals includes bus drivers, those involved in any way with the railroad industry, fork truck operators, truck drivers, etc.

What are the affects?

In the short term, those exposed to high levels of diesel exhaust can expect irritation of the eyes, nose, and lungs. Longer term exposure increases the risks dramatically for respiratory illness, at worst the risk of lung and bladder cancer increases significantly.

Scientific studies indicate that rather than the vapor, it is the soot that can cause cancer. The problem, of course, is not limited to the US, studies in Europe estimate that well over 3.5 million workers are at risk as a result of exposure to diesel fumes and exhaust. In one year alone there were close to 5,000 cases of lung cancer and over 1,000 cases of bladder cancer in this study group. As the risk of bladder cancer is directly related to the work place it is advisable to contact a bladder cancer law firm to discuss what legal recourse is available.

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer as a result of workplace exposure you have the right to pursue monetary compensation. You are invited to discuss the specifics of your situation with Diesel Injury Law.

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