4 Ways to Get Students to Return Those Library Books On Time

School libraries matter. They provide an essential resource for students and teaching staff alike. They can make a critical difference in student achievement goals and provide teachers with important research materials for their lessons or graduate studies. But because library books are a shared resource, it means students and staff can take their time returning those books. Here are a few efficient ways to deal with the problem:

Give reminders

Schools can set reminders to ensure students return those books on time. Live Your Way offers several wonderful pieces of advice students can put to good use. However, this might not be enough to curb the problem.

Set fines

Fines are one way to get students and teaching staff to return books promptly and to give other students and teachers a chance to use those materials. Still, some find it easier to simply pay the fine than to remember to return the books. Some just end up paying for the cost of a missing, lost or damaged books as well. That’s not a good way to resolve the issue.

Use the right tools

With a library management software, the school can reach out directly to parents and remind them of those deadlines. If a book’s return date is coming up soon, and the student is a repeat offender, having forgotten to return books on time several times, communicating with the student’s parents directly can help resolve the problem and ensure the timely return of the books.

Pick the right one

Choose a library management software that’s easy to use and understand. The last thing you want to do is waste parents’ time. With a simple but effective tool and by soliciting the help of parents, you can reduce the number of books that go missing or are returned too late to your library’s shelves.

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