Benefits of Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulation

Benefits of Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulation

If you have been diagnosed with chronic neck or back pain and have undergone surgery and countless other treatments, all of which have either failed or left you worse off than you were before, you may be feeling discouraged and at a loss as to what to do. Don’t lose hope just yet, though. Medtronic spinal cord stimulation in Riverhead, NY, is a chronic pain treatment that really works.

What is Spinal Cord Stimulation?

The treatment is designed to modify the nerves so that the sensation of pain does not reach the brain, much like pain medications. However, unlike pain medications which circulate throughout your entire body, the treatment is targeted specifically at the area that is causing you pain. It does this via neurostimulation implants, which are placed under the skin along the problem areas. The placement of implants does require surgery, which is something you may need to discuss the pros and cons of with your doctor prior to treatment.

How Can You Benefit from SCS?

Spinal cord stimulation therapy comes with numerous benefits, the greatest of which is that it can alleviate your pain. Aside from pain relief, however, Medtronic spinal cord stimulation in Riverhead, NY, is a favored method because it is not extremely invasive, it can be temporary and it is relatively safe. Unlike oral medications, there are virtually zero adverse health effects of the treatment (though you should talk with your doctor about possible risks), and you do have the ability to “test it” prior to undergoing surgery.

Chronic neck and back pain can be debilitating, but fortunately, you don’t have to live with it for your entire life. Thanks to advanced treatments such as spinal cord stimulation, you can get your life back with minimal risk. If Medtronic spinal cord stimulation in Riverhead, NY, is something you are interested in trying, talk to your doctor today. Contact Pain Institute of Long Island to know more!

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