Using AM Richards Glass Co Inc in O’Fallon MO To Repair A Window Pane

Using AM Richards Glass Co Inc in O’Fallon MO To Repair A Window Pane

When a business has an incident occur that leads to a glass pane window breaking inside of their establishment, it is likely they will call a service like AM Richards Glass Co Inc in O’Fallon MO to come to the building to make a repair. When waiting for a pane of glass to be fixed, it will be necessary to protect those within the business from potential injuries. Here are some steps that can be taken when dealing with a broken window.

Use Cardboard And Plastic Sheeting To Protect People

It is a good idea to have a maintenance worker sweep up any glass shards from the areas on each side of the window. Afterwards, they can use pieces of cardboard to cover the opening so any leftover slivers of glass will not be accessible to people who are in the vicinity. Pieces of plastic sheeting can also be taped around the window opening to help in the retention of heat or air conditioning if it is needed. This will also help to keep precipitation from getting inside of the building.

Place Signs Around The Building To Alert People Of The Damage

If the business allows customers or representatives to visit, it will be necessary to alert them about the broken window as they will not be inside of the building on a daily basis. This can be done by placing easels around the building with information and printed arrows indicating where the broken window is located.

Use Cones Or Yellow Tape To Show People Where The Window Is Located

If the window is in an area where it will still be necessary to allow people to utilize walkways, it is a good idea to position cones on the floor in front of the broken window. Yellow ribbon can be strung between the cones to help to keep those walking through from getting too close to the window.

When there is a need to have a window repaired, calling a business like AM Richards Glass Co Inc in O’Fallon MO is best. Visit the Website to get contact information so an appointment for an evaluation can be scheduled today.

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