PVC Ball Check Valves: Shutting And Sealing Off Fluids Effectively

PVC Ball Check Valves: Shutting And Sealing Off Fluids Effectively

Check valves are available in many forms. A classic example of a check or shut-off valve is the ball valve. The ball seating allows fluid to either pass or stop, depending on whether the valve is in the open or closed position. Applications vary as does construction materials. While metal such as brass remains popular, companies are also turning to PVC. PVC ball check valves are increasingly becoming common in several industries to address specific concerns.

Ball Check Valves

The check valves regulate or control the direction of the flow rather than the rate. Pressure is the factor that activates a check valve. Ball check valves are east to install and use. Characteristics include:

* Durability
* Ease of use
* Resistance to freezing temperatures
* Reliability
* Longevity
* Versatility

Applications of such ball valves include such industries and commercial concerns as plumbing businesses, oil and gas companies and pharmaceutical corporations.

Why Prefer PVC

While many industries purchase metal ball check valves, others prefer PVC ball check valves. PVC is gaining increased usage because of several reasons including:

* Affordability: PVC valves are less expensive than metal valves are
* Availability: It is easy to obtain
* Flexibility: Such valves are more flexible in applications being capable of use in diverse areas
* Durability: PVC is strong

These are all reasons why companies are turning to PVC valves over their metal counterparts. However, it still depends upon the intended application whether PVC ball valves of any type are suitable.

PVC Ball Check Valves

Check valves are a necessary component for many diverse applications. Of the types available, ball valves are among the most common. Manufacturers produce them in different types of materials. While metal is still the most common, plastics are increasing used. In fact, PVC ball check valves because of their durability, reliability and low cost are increasingly being utilized in various applications.

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