Are Your Fire Alarms In Cardiff Giving You Adequate Protection?

Anyone owning property (domestic, commercial or industrial) has to fear fire. Unfortunately, all too often, the Fire Alarms In Cardiff (and anywhere else for that matter) are a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. The fire has already started before the alarm senses it and responds by calling for help – does it do all this automatically on its own or does it rely on human intervention to set off the alarm?. The main protection element from Fire Alarms In Cardiff relies on how quickly and efficiently someone responds to the alarm signal.

Integrated System
Ideally, there will be strategically placed sensors that will be activated should a fire break out in their vicinity. These may be smoke detectors, heat detectors or any other device that can recognise change. These can do several things when they detect fire. Including:-

1. activate fire fighting systems –such as sprinklers

2. sound an audible local alarm siren

3. notify a central point or a nearby fire station.

The automatic alarms should also be backed up by pull lever or break glass type manual alarms. The integrated system will probably operate through a computerised control box. How much of this to have installed on your premises obviously depends upon the size of those premises and what they are used for.

A scrap yard containing metal will need a less sophisticated system than (say) a furniture factory storing wood and a lot of flammable chemicals. Hotels and hospitals will need more protection than a small house.

How Many Fire Alarms In Cardiff Do I Need?

In many ways, this is a question that you should address in conjunction with your insurance company. A risk assessment study of your Cardiff premises will highlight potential areas where a fire is either more likely to break out or the consequences of fire will be more serious. Based on the risk assessment, you can:-

1. Decide if changes in usage procedures can reduce risk

2. Decide how many Fire Alarms For Cardiff are needed

3. What in-house fire fighting equipment is needed.

At this point, it is more than likely that your insurance company will insist that all your Fire Alarms in Cardiff premises be type approved by the British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE®) organisation. This independent BAFE® certification for your fire fighting and prevention system may well be a regulatory requirement of your Local Authority and it is a good indicator of whether or not you have adequate protection.

Dragon Fire & Security Systems offers quality design, installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems in Cardiff, UK.

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