Are Companies That Say, “We Buy Ugly Houses” Legit?

Are Companies That Say, “We Buy Ugly Houses” Legit?

You may have seen advertisements for “We Buy Ugly Houses.” Investors and investment groups place ads of this nature. They offer to purchase your house for cash, regardless of the condition. The proposition is quite straightforward. They buy the house, they pay cash, and the transaction is completed quickly. You, as the property owner, do not have to try to sell it privately or go through a real estate agency.

If you list your house with a realtor or take the “For Sale by Owner” route, it will take time to sell. This is one of the reasons that “We buy ugly homes legit” companies exist. When the need is greatest, you can turn your house into cash, fast. As well as speed, you can sell your house no matter the condition.

How Selling to Investors Works

  • You ask the company to visit you and make an offer on the house
  • They inspect the house. They will make an all-cash offer if they are interested
  • If you agree to sell, they cover most closing costs

The process is simple. You contact the potential buyer by phone or via their web site. They show up and look at the house and the location. If they like what they see, you will be given a “no-obligation, all cash offer.” You can accept the offer or reject it. If you agree, consider the house as good as sold.

What Is an Ugly House?

It is not just the appearance of a house that makes it ugly. To an investor, ugly can mean the neighborhood, or it can mean the house has structural defects. Property investors also buy houses with adjustable rate mortgages that the owner finds too expensive to keep. An ugly home can also be one that is about to go into foreclosure due to payment arrears.

There are benefits to selling to a property investor. You do not have to make repairs. You do not have to engage a realtor and pay commissions, and, the process is fast. With a week or two, the deal can be done, and you will receive the sale proceeds in cash.

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